Multi-Instrumentalist for Hire
guitar • keys • bass • baritone • vocals

Currently Looking to work with other Austin artists and bands!

Almost immediately after picking up the guitar, song ideas started forming and I was quickly stringing together bits and pieces with the few tricks I knew on guitar. It was a calling of sorts. And though I now consider myself a songwriter first and foremost I’ve had to become musically diversified in my skill sets to survive in such competitive environments as the Austin music scene.

Guess I was just lucky that I was so quickly drawn to the rich possibilities of other instruments beyond the guitar. It wasn’t long before I was dabbling with almost anything that made sound. Once I began digging into the art of studio-recording the need to play other instruments, and not rely on other musicians to play the parts I wanted, became a necessity.

At this point in my career I'm always looking new folks to make music with and for new avenues for deriving income from music. And I truly love the challenge of learning and charting out new music to play with other people so bring it on.

Whether it's a local one-off cover gig or a national tour of all original music I'll work hard to produce the sound you're looking for. Please hit me up here > (CONTACT FORM) <


This is first video where I play all the instruments