Admittedly, my recent resurgence into making art was born mostly of self-serving but practical purposes. Musicians like myself are always in need of fresh show posters, album covers and digital ads. Shelling out the cash for these materials isn’t always in the cards so like most of my other ventures I took the DIY approach. 

I didn’t start from scratch. Drawing and painting was a favorite pastime before discovering the guitar in my early teens.  Even though I had a full blown obsession with music while in college I was required to take a fair number of classes in the arts to help round out my mass communication BA since I largely focused in advertising. 

Recently, under the weight of various artistic needs, I became more active with making art. After immersing myself in different projects (mostly pencil, ink and watercolor) of my own it wasn’t too long before other musicians and friends noticed and began asking for my help. The page below showcases some of the projects I’ve completed over the past couple years or so. 

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Water Color Singles:
A few years ago I decided that it was time to get with the times and begin t release singles. Though personally I prefer albums as a whole the algorithms most streaming services use favor artists who drop releases quicker. This of course means more art and design work would be required.

Luckily I found a theme of sorts using this drippy watercolor style. With The General Store cover, the first single I released, I tried actually going for something but moving forward I decided to experiment with the drippy watercolor look.

The current plan is to release a new single every five weeks so please check back soon! 

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The main feature of this album cover is the profile/guitar tuner/head, designed by Kelsey Monroe, a talented artist based in Portland Maine. I ended up doing the DigiPak CD layout myself using both Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign.

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The Giraffe Attack Collection:
Was originally released in 2009 with an entirely different cover. I was never happy with the end result which I admit I rushed. So in 2018, using the same wonderful stampeding giraffe drawing (a work I commissioned from artist Jenny Kowtkow) I revamped it and even added a couple bonus tracks to the physically printed CD's

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The Giraffe Attack Collection | 2010 & 2020 | Back on Front of Sleeve