1. Shake Us Off

From the recording An Underwater Dream

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Shake Us Off

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Eric - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Banjo
Pete Morse – Pedal Steel
Pete Genova - Bass
Charles C. Gagne - Drums


Shake Us Off

Can you hear the damn breathing? The fissure’s reaching out like lightning
Have you any sense of what we’ve done? We haven’t left a single place to run

Can you feel the ground move underneath your feet?
Can you see the storm clouds gathering?
Feel the stillness before the storm, take it all in before it’s gone

And I’ll hold you like we were dying or a baby fresh from the womb
All around us the pieces are flying; all around us the end is in bloom

And I’ll hold you like we were living in hell’s darkest ravine
While we watch our mother dismantle the last of the American Dream

She's gonna shake us off

We used to laugh at the warnings and now we've all seen it crumbling
We laughed because we knew all we needed to learn
Pull up a chair sit back let’s watch it burn

‘Cause all your life you’ve been lied to and the sirens all sang in tune
Through the ash and the smoke we’ll find something
But it will never be what we once knew

And we’ll hold on like we had stopped trying as we slowly melt back into the void
And maybe then we will notice that there’s nothing left to destroy

She's gonna wake up, man
She's gonna wake up and she's gonna shake us off